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Los Angeles Tours and Sightseeing

Sightseeing in Los Angeles can be overwhelming, and a great way to travel throughout LA, without having to drive yourself, is to take one of the various tours. There are quite a number of companies that provide tours and nearly all can be found on the internet. A van tour may be an attractive option for those who do not consider themselves to be good drivers or who hate driving in traffic. In addition, a tour ride in a small to intermediate sized van will allow you to relax, enjoy the sights, and take pictures without having to think about the traffic. Furthermore, the driver will not merely take you to the points of interest and sights you will want to see, but will be also be able to narrate with interesting facts and stories as well, such as the history behind the Venice canals. For some people however, including myself, sitting in a tour van in heavy traffic driving around the city is not an exciting way to spend your trip and catch the sights. If this is you, then you should highly consider an aerial tour of Los Angeles in a helicopter.

A helicopter tour over Los Angeles will allow you to view all of LA in about an hour. A small time set aside for helicopter tours is sure to provide a thrilling addition to and memorable experience of your vacation. While avoiding all road traffic, your helicopter flight may take you over downtown LA, Universal Studios, Santa Monica, Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, the Getty Center, Griffith Observatory, the Hollywood Sign, the beach, most amusement parks, athletic stadiums, and numerous star’s homes. Most helicopter tour pilots will point out anything of interest and fly the helicopter in such as way as to allow you to take the best possible photographs. Most people prefer to fly on a helicopter tour only when the weather is favorable, otherwise the visibility could be poor and the overall flight disappointing. Fortunately, most days in Los Angeles are sunny and the area has very nice weather most of the time. If in San Francisco, try San Francisco Helicopter Tours. After your flight, there are many great Los Angeles tours to be enjoyed during your vacation. Private tours of Los Angeles are offered by dozens of private tour companies, however obtaining general information regarding the City of Los Angeles can be found on the city’s website. Sub-cities within LA, such as Hollywood are what make up the City of LA. Because there are so many tours in Los Angeles, price competition is fierce and you should go with the best bargain.

Los Angeles Rides and Tours

When traveling to Los Angeles, you should be aware that there are a considerable amount of sights, places, and points of interest to see. Los Angeles is geographically very large, and therefore, in order to make the best of your tours, your principle consideration should be transportation. To say that LA is widespread is a great understatement. The most attractive tourist spots are not concentrated in one central area, so you need to plan your travel rides based upon the locations and places that are truly the most important for you to enjoy. To do this, you must determine the steps you must take, and at the same time take into consideration the efforts that will need to be made to tour those places. The prime factor will be traffic. LA is known for its infamous traffic jams and it is best to limit your road travels, especially during rush hour time periods. To check general traffic conditions, you may visit the LA City – Los Angeles Information website. You should utilize companies that provide Los Angeles tours to get the most from your trip to LA.

After the transportation has been arranged, the tours which you may consider include movie production studios, movie star’s homes, shopping malls, Sunset Drive, Rodeo Drive, and museums including the Los Angeles County Museum of Art , Getty Center, Petersen Automotive Museum, the Museum of Science and Technology, and the Gene Autry Western Heritage Museum. There are also many amusement parks, such as Disneyland, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Legoland, Universal Studios Hollywood, Knott’s Berry Farm, Traveltown, and Disney California Adventure Park. In Santa Monica you can take a walk out the famous Santa Monica Pier and ride the ferris wheel and roller coaster. The shopping and restaurants on the Third Street Promenade are very popular. Venice beach is a famous California beach town which is definitely worthy of a visit, especially if you are into people watching. If you prefer to look at pretty flowers and enjoy the outdoors, then the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Descansco Gardens are both very beautiful places to take a walking tour.

Dodger stadium tours are also a great stop for any baseball fans. The behind the scene walking tour of the stadium allows guests to visit restricted areas within the stadium and view the ballpark from an uncommon perspective. Also of great interest to tourists and locals alike is the famous Griffith Observatory, which has been a major Los Angeles landmark since 1935. From the observatory, there is a stunning view of the Los Angeles basin below, especially at night. Tours of this facility can be arranged in advance. If in the mid-Wilshire area, the La Brea Tarpits features some real prehistoric observation pits and numerous life size replicas of extinct reptiles and mammals, as well as dinosaurs, and is beautifully landscaped to include Ice Age vegetation. Lastly, a la helicopter tour should be arranged during your stay in Los Angeles. From the air, the sights of the city, including the beaches and mountains, are breathtaking. Don’t forget to bring your camera! All in all, helicopter rides over LA are one the greatest adventures you can experience during you trip to LA. In fact, forget the camera and bring the video camera instead!